Cross Country

Twitter: @OGXCTF

Tom Kotris

-- Head Women's Track 

 -- Assistant Cross Country


Remind:  Text @ogcross to 81010

Shawn Loggins

-- Head Cross Country

-- Head Men's Track


How do I join the cross country team?

  • Complete the information on the "Athlete Information Form" above so you and your parents will be in my contact list.

  • After I receive your email from the form above, I will send you a coaching invitation. This VDot02 app, which you'll need to install on your phone, is how I give workouts to kids. This is especially helpful since we all separated in isolation for now.

  • You'll need to create a Strava account -- with mom & dad's input. Strava is an online platform for posting workouts. This is another brilliant way I can connect with you about your WO's (workouts).

  • Once in Strava, look for the "Davidson County Distance Club." I created this group in Strava so you and your teammates can see what each other are doing and have another way to communicate with one another. Any parents who are runners are also welcome to be in the group. It's not only team members in the group.