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Our Statement

     We take great pride in our athletics Oak Grove and are proud members of our Conference.  Participation in high school athletics is a privilege and we encourage students to participate in order to learn the value of teamwork and working toward a common goal.  Oak Grove is fortunate to have excellent athletic facilities thanks to the efforts of a caring coaching staff and community. 


     Students who participate in athletics choose to do so, and as a result, are expected to display above average character as they represent themselves, their families, and Oak Grove High School.  Student-athletes at Oak Grove are expected to behave as ladies and gentlemen, and to be positive representatives of our school and community.


     Winning is important, but building good character and presenting a positive image for is far more important.  Student participation in athletics is dependent upon compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.  The following apply:

     ·  Good citizenship:  students are expected to abide by all school and team rules, policies, and regulations, and to            comply with all state and federal laws. 

     ·  School rules and policies apply to all student-athletes, both on and off school grounds at all times. 

     ·  All student-athletes must pass a minimum of 3 of their 4 classes in the semester prior to the current season, and          must be promoted in order to participate in high school athletics. 

     ·  In accordance with NCHSAA policy, student-athletes must meet the attendance requirements set forth by                    Davidson County Schools in order to be eligible to participate in high school athletics.

     ·  To participate in extra-curricular activities a student must be present one-half of the school day (and the                      missed portion must be coded as lawful).

     ·  All athletes must follow the Davidson County Athletic Drug Policy that is located on the Davidson County                    Schools website.

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