Women's Tennis

Congratulations to Jessica Fuchs - 

2018 2A NCHSAA Individual State Championship Runner Up!

Head Coach Zach Bowers




1.  Who should I contact about playing tennis?  Head Coach Zach Bowers  zachbowers@davidson.k12.nc.us

2.  If I get cut from another fall sport, can I come out for the tennis team?  Yes.  Please make Coach Bowers aware that you will be doing so ahead of time.

3.  Does everyone make the team?  This year, anyone that makes a dedication to the team and is willing to come out with a good attitude, work ethic, and maintains good academic standing will be allowed on the team.  Please note, not all team members will be able to compete.  Top seeds only will compete and those seeds will be determined by challenge matches during practice.

4.  What can I do this summer to prepare for the season?  Wake Forest Tennis Camp info is below.  Other camps are available to attend if you choose.  Other preparatory work can be obtained from Coach Bowers here.

5.  How can I get "Remind" info?  Click here.

6.  How can I get a tennis preseason and season practice calendar?  Click here.

7.  What are the expectations when joining the team?  Click here.

8.  Do I need to purchase my own uniform?  Absolutely not.  School issued uniforms will be distributed to those girls who will be competing in matches.  All sizes will be available for those team members in competition.  If you choose to buy a uniform, that is totally up to you and it will be yours to keep forever.  No refunds will be available for unused/unneeded webstore purchases.

9.  Do I need to purchase anything from the webstore?  Absolutely not.  The webstore is set up for any team member who wants their own personal items to keep.  It is offered as a convenience to buy apparel for the team member and family if they choose to do so.  Turn time during the season is slow so please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

10.  Does everyone need a uniform for matches?  No.  Only the top 6-9 players (at most) will be competing in matches so not everyone will be dressing out.  No refunds will be available for unused/unneeded webstore purchases.

11.  Do I need to bring my own tennis racket?  Yes.

12.  Do I need to bring my own tennis balls?  No.  

13.  Can I be on another school team while playing tennis?  No.  If you are on the tennis team, participation on other school teams during the fall season is not permitted.

14.  My question was not answered, how can I get it answered?  Email Coach Bowers at zachbowers@davidson.k12.nc.us

For information on Wake Forest Tennis Camps click here