See below for info on (2) mandatory forms to be eligible for athletic participation.
Email digitally completed or scanned forms to Head Athletic Trainer, Jeremy Miller, at 
The first page of the 2020-2021 DCS Participation Packet is the COVID screening questionnaire.   The COVID questionnaire will need to be filled out on a hard copy dated for the first day the athlete intends to workout (not earlier than July 6) and handed in that day.
                   - or -
Hand in hard copy forms to your head coach.
*Due to COVID-19, only athletes that did not have a physical dated on or after 3/1/2019 on file will need to turn in a physical for the 2020-21 seasons.  All other athletes are eligible based on the previous year.  Parents and athletes will still be required to fill out the "Family Medical History" portion of the physical form and turn it in to be eligible to participate in the 2020-21 seasons.  That portion of the form is attached to the DCS Participationi Packet at the bottom of this page.
1 - 2020-21 NCHSAA Physical Exam Form -  expires after 395 days
2 - 2020-21 DCS Participation Packet (with COVID screening - THE COVID SCREENING MUST BE FILLED OUT AND HANDED IN ON 7/6, NOT BEFORE) -  A new packet must be completed for the 2020-21 seasons.  Expires after 365 days 

*If filling the participation packet out digitally, you MUST download the form and save it to your computer first.  If the document is filled out in the browser window before saving, your information will not be saved.  Digital submission works best with non-Apple products.