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Thank you to the following Lifetime Members for your commitment and support.  * List is updated yearly after the annual meeting.


Steve and Angela Allegrezza

Jason and Candy Annas

Jesse and Stephanie Arnold

Kenyon and Melissa Barnett

Todd and Nikki Bennett

BJ and Michelle Best-Stephens

Eric and Angie Bethea

Beau and Cherie Bowman

Sam and Brooke Cable

Kip and Jenny Childress

Gina Clodfelter

Mark and Quinn Cromer

Phil and Amy Cromer

Charles and Sharon Crowder

Jeff and Katherine Davis

Mario and Kelly DiFoggio

Chris and Danielle DiLuzio

Kenny and Shay Edwards

Brian and Amy Feezor

Milissa Fitzgerald

David and Michele Fritzsche

Tom and Carrie Gates

Bill and Tracy Gerrard

Brian and Michele Gibble

Bryanne and Miles Greer

Clay and Lisa Harris

Joe and Jamie Hester

Richard and Karen High

Jeff and Katie Hill

Mark and Tamera Holcomb

Everett Honeycutt

David and Lori Jasnau

Richard and Jeanne Johnston

Nathan and Monica Jones

Tom and Sherri Keith

Steve and Sheila Kidder

Evon Lambeth

Lauren Landfried

Darryl and Jessica Lane

Jeffrey and Jennifer Lemons

Walt and Jacqueline Lockamy

Shawn and Kara Loggins

Eddie and Kim Longbottom

Michael Lovelace

Jeff and Amy Mabe

Tom and Ginny Mabey

Tom and Jerusha Maddock

Buddy and Chantel Mayton

Mike and Wendy McAlpine

Ben and Jennifer McDonald

Chip and Beth McDonell

Allan and Charity McKenzie

Craig and Kimberly Merritt

Allen and Marivee Miles

Bobby and Piper Mills

Chris and Emily Murphy

Scott and Katie Overton

Steve and Annette Overton

Chris and Amanda Parrish

Andy and Gaby Perrell

Todd and Sissy Rausch

Jonathan and Beth Ray

Parrish and Cynthia Reddick

Mike and Michelle Robertson

Ken and Jennifer Rotan

Rod and Tish Russ

Darren and Michelle Seals

Bobby and Emily Shelton

Stan and Katie Smith

Brian and Angie Stevens

Beth and Steve Stewart

Chris and Paula Stinson

Danny and Alison Suarez

Kevin and Deborah Swaim

Tim and Karen Swaim

Julie and Jeff Tesh

Danny and LuAnn Thomas

Craig and Valerie Turner

Damond and Suzanne Vanweerdhuizen

David and Judy Vaughn

Travis and Chelsea Wagner

Justin and Jennifer Weisner

Matt and Cherie White

Dustin and Amber Williard

Rob and Melanie Woodall

Jason and Jennifer Yarbrough

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